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Jamshid : A Lament for a Myth

2010.. 2016 me: Technical Director, Vfx Artist, Composite After 7 years of development of this beautiful short animation, we have seen it in on a big silver screen, and we got these 2 rewards, – Bronze statue for best short animation – Golden statue for best Environment and atmosphere design JAMSHID; A Lament For

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Honey bunny

Honey Bunny is an very entertaining and app for moms, dads and kids. take a photo with honey bunny and add stickers, it has a lots of cute stickers to make your photo much more cute. me : programmer wooden wings studio 2015

The Great Raid

The Great Raid is a Casual Tower Defense game, it is a Prequel to the Action-Adventure Game “Parvaneh”. me : programmer, vfx artist platform : Android ParVaNeh: The Great Raid from Bearded Bird on Vimeo.


it was a finished local unpublished game and we gain lots of technical achievement there, it was really fun with couple of friends. me: technical director, lead programmer APW game studio 2008

Last Northern House

A game base on network narrative “northern power house : last town standing”, I translate it and make with my node base tool “Node Chaos”, that provide a very easy to use multi branch content creator, Wooden Wings Studio

Game Jams For Fun

here is my entry for ggj 2017 visit GGJ page A Great experience in #LevelUp competition ! me : art, programming, design wooden wings studio A vertical slice of an idea, for level up game jam competition. me: technical artist, programmer   our global game jam entry on 2016 ! visit GGJ page  

uiflow designer

Lots of project, lots of designers, lots of programmer, are involve with integrating their UI with multiple pages and transitions, here it is, you can make it with out having lots of skills, just think your UI flow and make it with uiflow. unity is now more easy to use than before.

unity collision maker

Download it from here :!/content/22602 A very easy tool for creating collision in unity editor, you have to just some clicks and then it will be created ! it is very awesome too have a tool that make mesh in unity editor for you !

Unity river tool

Here is a new tool for artist to make their river or spline like mesh with in unity editor with a really easy tool ! just read the instruction in Document included in package. available on unity asset store


this a dev log of my unfinished visual renderman shading language EDITOR ! 2010 after a long time that i wish to create something like this, i start it finally ! this is the starting prototype of my visual Renderman Shading Language editor, i want to make this as a multi platform tools and i

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available on appstore Make Some Shape if you can ! A Game with addictive try again phase, just make shapes as much as you can ! With one main Style: * Classic : how many shape you will make !? And two other Style: * Survival : how many shapes will you do correctly !?

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A very local Game that published locally too, it is not the main famous title “The Resistance”, but it was my first serious game. me: Technical director, programmer TGT game studio 2014

Alvan Tv Commercial v2

This is the 2nd Episode of the Alvan’s Tv commercials Based on the Interesting Valspar Tv Commercial Produced by The Mill about Two Chameleons Choosing color for their room. This Project is just an Exercise to us ! Me : Lighting TD, Render & Composite Raiavin 2013 Alvan v02 from moin samadi on Vimeo.