About me

Hello I’m Saeid Gholizade

A very long term developer, who started learning art since he was 8, music since he was 13, and programming since he was 16 ! Then I started my career path as vfx & animation artist and a game developer in 2002, what  I have been doing so far. very soonI became a junior developer, at the age of 22 I was teaching people how to code, at the age of 25 I stablished my small company for game developing with about 15 employee, but you know it wasn’t a success, And I have got a huge experience. As a developer I always want to learn new things and experience them by myself, As an artist I usually mix my art with a twist of programming and coding and aim to discover something new. That’s how I lead teams and manage small groups of artists, especially 3d animators. All these combined made me a new species called TD! (Technical Director), a mixture of art and technology!