this a dev log of my unfinished visual renderman shading language EDITOR !


after a long time that i wish to create something like this, i start it finally !
this is the starting prototype of my visual Renderman Shading Language editor, i want to make this as a multi platform tools and i am writing it on java,
i wish i can make it as what i planed, tell me your suggestion about it !
thank you !
the first shader that generated with my VRSL (don’t have a name yet ! ) tool !
latest update :
+ each node have a command that determine how it works
+ generator can check the depth of infinite depth node connection
+ add some operator for mathematical functionality
+ some bugfix about far depth connection


it seems that the structures are go fine and i add more functionality to it !
+ add all operators ( + – * / . )
+ add lighting functions/nodes ( ambient, diffuse, specular , …)
+ add predefine variable of surface shader
+ remove computing result and just use command of nodes !
* working on multi type for inputs


+ finally replace spline render with linear for connection
+ add delete node option
+ add multiple input type for inputs of nodes
+ add lighting functionality node (diffuse, specular, … )
+ add code tab for generated shader file check
+ fix some bug about input type check
+ fix some resolve result of each node bug


my VRSL (don’t have a name yet ) weekly report #05 i don’t know why i call it weekly but it makes me schedule, + finally after all these 10 days it has the save/open scene feature ( now you can make your shader then save it to a XML file and reload it later ) it is very hard to convert those connection between nodes to just a text (xml) file, then reload it as it be earlier, but if i can make it this far i hope i can finish it )


report #06 first of all thank to Mostafa Ari for his guidance to me ! and as you see the new useful feature has been added, + add a in application console for error message or some printing functionality + add a in application preview for current shader that you made + add a in application shader code viewer for see what will appear in your .sl file and again thanks everyone for pushing me forward !


after a long time i spend on this feature it is completed !
finally the generated code can be in multiple line with different variable declaration and use for other function’s input !
+ use a stack for adding, sorting and editing the generated code !
+ automatically sort the variable definition that used in edited function (node) [ all of the variable that use as a parameter must define before the function we use ] !
+ automatically sort the edited input node in code stack !
* it is the first step of going to multiple output function ( node ) like Fresnel !
this multiple code line generating by variable is mostly recommended for a software like this and now i achieved it with a lots of trying and polishing !